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Why Chifles?


Totally Natural:

There are no chemicals, preservatives and genetically modified foods in our products. We use exclusively the highest-quality unrefined vegetable oil, iodised salt and natural seasonings.

Low Sodium Content:

Our plantain fruit snacks are "naturally sweet" and they do not contain sodium; the salty version of the snack contains a reduced amount of sodium.

Gluten-Free Product:

Our products do not contain wheat, soy, or peanuts, which means that our Chifles are gluten-free and safe for consumers with gluten intolerance and nut allergies.


Our crisps do not contain dairy products, eggs or other constituents of animal origin, and their production does not involve any testing conducted on animals, so vegetarians and vegans can also enjoy our snacks.

Cooking Oil Used:

Chifles are fried exclusively on unrefined vegetable (palm) oil.

Top Quality:

We maintain control over the entire production process, starting with the company of the plantain plantation owner where the fruit is collected and then processed under sterile conditions. The ingredients used to make Chifles are exclusively of the highest quality, and each of them has been subjected to a thorough inspection.